ARMA elections are now open- please vote!

Region members,

Please take a few minutes to participate in the ARMA Board of Directors election for the upcoming year. This provides a great opportunity for us to be informed as chapter leaders about this year’s candidates and review where they stand on many of the important initiatives for ARMA for the upcoming year. Please take this opportunity to get to know who they are and to get involved in ARMA’s future! Here is a link to the information page for this year’s candidates:

Online voting for the election runs through January 23. Be looking for an email from ARMA with the link to the election ballot.

Thank you for voting to sculpt the future leadership of ARMA!




Are you going to ARMA InfoCon 2019? Register Now for Reduced Rate- Ends 9/1



The current rates go up September 1st, so register today for the ARMA InfoCon 2019 conference, held in Nashville from October 21-23.


You can choose from two great options, CORE and PLUS.

CORE-conference registrants receive:

  • Access to three days of conference education sessions
  • Access to the Sunday night Registration Reception
  • Access to the seven general session keynotes (Yes, you read that right!)
  • Exhibit Hall entry on Monday and Tuesday
  • Lunch provided Monday, Tuesday* and Wednesday
  • Access to the Hall of Regions Reception
  • Access to the Industry Roundtable Discussions
  • Access to the Industry Breakfasts
  • Pre-approval for CRA, CRM, and IGP credits
  • FREE 60-day viewing period for session recordings post-conference
  • Cost: Current Pricing is $1199 for Professional Members, $1499 for Non-Members and Associate Members

PLUS-conference registrants receive all of the CORE-conference benefits, PLUS:

  • A reserved seat in the Leadership Summit pre-con event
  • Access to our exclusive “Plus” workshop sessions. These are longer sessions that take deep dives into such topics as certification prep, project management, change management, communications skills, IM fundamentals, retention program development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and auto-classification.
  • A bonus voucher that allows free access to a new virtual IGP prep course, which will prepare you or a member of your team for the IGP certification
  • Reserved seating at general sessions
  • Extra drink tickets to be used at the receptions and parties
  • Access to the VIP lounge
  • Cost: Current Pricing is $1699 for Professional Members, $1999 for Non-Members and Associate Members

Visit the conference site for more information, check out the education schedule and register here today, right now, and get the best price possible before it’s too late!

*Core and Plus registrants will be provided a gift card for Tuesday’s lunch.

Your new region leadership team

Introducing your new region leadership team for ARMA Great Lakes!


Region Director

Susan Burd (term expires 7/1/2021)

Chapter Advisor- Operations & Governance

Sam Haiduc (term expires 7/1/2021)

Chapter Advisor- Education & Programming

Cindy Chmura (term expires 7/1/2021)

Chapter Advisor- Membership & Marketing

Kamal Kapoor (term expires 7/1/2020)

Host chapter/city for 2019 leadership conference

Calling all chapters! Are you interested in hosting the next Great Lakes Leadership Conference? We are beginning the selection process for the host city for 2020. We would like to announce the  2020 conference site at this summer’s leadership conference in Omaha. It’s a great way to spotlight your city and chapter, and play host to chapter leaders from both the Great Lakes and Midwest Rocky Mountain regions. If you are interested in playing this very important role for our region next summer, please let me know.


ARMA Columbus Spring Seminar

You are invited to attend the ARMA Columbus Spring Seminar ARMA_GC_Chapter_50Years_Logo_Color_1180x975-150x150

Operational Impacts Regarding Privacy, Data, Cybersecurity and AI
Disaster Disruption: The Risks, Laws, and Preparedness for Recovery

The Greater Columbus ARMA Chapter welcomes Dino Tsibouris CIPP/US, from Tsibouris & Associates and Jason Destefanis from Carrara Companies as speakers for the 2019 Annual Spring Seminar.

Date: May 23rd, 2019

Location: Nationwide – Grandview Yard

Parking: G6 Public South Garage (975 Rail St.)
Enter through South entrance Check in with driver’s license at security

8:00-8:30 – Registration, Breakfast, Networking
8:30-9:00 – Introduction, Greetings & Announcements
9:00-12:00 – Session 1 (includes 15 minute break)
12:00-1:00 – Lunch
1:00-4:00 – Session 2 (includes 15 minute break)
4:00-4:15 – Wrap-Up, Q&A, Closing Remarks

Session 1 – Dino Tsibouris
Operational Impacts Regarding Privacy, Data, Cybersecurity and AI

Deleting data on demand – Are you ready? The legal landscape for records management is changing rapidly. What are the immediate effects of GDPR and California privacy? Mr. Tsibouris will also be reviewing the ethical and legal obligations surrounding bitcoin and artificial intelligence.

Session 2 – Jason Destefanis
Disaster Disruption: The Risks, Laws, and Preparedness for Recovery

Disaster disruption: prevention and preparedness – discussing the risks, laws, insurance, cyber-side of loss, and recovery. Fire, floods, tornados, and wind are all potential hazards that have devastating effects on records during a disaster, and serious effects on the companies that rely on them. Arm yourself with the knowledge to build your disaster recovery plan and to begin the recovery if disaster strikes.

Nationwide – Grandview Yard
1000 Yard Street
Grandview Heights, OH 43212

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits (Pending: 6 hours)
Certified Records Manager (CRM) credits (Pending: 6 hours)
Information Governance Professional (IGP) credits (Pending: 6 hours)

To register or for more information, please click here

Seminar Announcement- Mid Michigan Chapter Spring Workshop

May 16: Certified Records Manager-CRM & Certified Analyst-CRA Workshop

 Are you Interested in Becoming a Certified Records Manager or Analyst?

Mid-Michigan ARMA is excited to offer a Certified Records Manager (CRM) / Certified Records Analyst (CRA) Workshop to assist prospective CRM and CRA candidates. The CRM or CRA designation demonstrates a solid foundation of core skills and competencies for the RIM professional. This full-day preparation workshop will provide an introduction to the CRM/CRA examination process as well as an overview of Parts 1-6 and sample examination questions.

Your journey starts with achieving your CRA credential, building the foundation of RIM knowledge with the following morning sessions (8:00 am to 11:45 am):

  • Introduction to ICRM Certifications
  • Records and Information Creation & Use – Part 2
  • Records, Storage, Retrieval, Conversion & Facilities – Part 3
  • Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection & Disposition – Part 4


Continue this journey expanding upon your RIM expertise by earning your CRM credential. These afternoon sessions cover (12:30 pm to 4:30 pm):

  • Management Principles and the Records & Information (RIM) Program – Part 1
  • Technology – Part 5
  • Business Cases – Part 6

For more information or to register, please see the Workshop Flyer: CRMCRAWorkshop

Seminar Announcement- ARMA Chicago Spring Workshop


To register or for more info, CLICK HERE

Valid for 5 CRM credits


8:30 AM- 9:45 AM

KEYNOTE: The End of Privacy

Presented by Michal Kosinski, PhD., Assistant Professor, Stanford University

A growing proportion of human activities such as social interactions, entertainment, shopping, and gathering information are now mediated by digital devices and services. Such digitally mediated activities produce an unprecedented amount of digital footprints that can be used to reveal our intimate traits, emotions, and predict future behavior. Given the progress in Artificial Intelligence and computing, we should get ready for the future where privacy is a privilege reserved for the few.

10:00 AM- 11:00 AM

PANEL DISCUSSION: Information Authenticity and the Role of Information Governance as an Arbiter of Truth

Technology has fueled an almost unimaginable volume of daily information. Streaming services, news feeds, 24-hour news, and social media platforms create a cacophony of often conflicting reports and claims. Politicians, Government officials, scientists, business leaders and media personalities all make statements that can easily (and should) be questioned by opposing viewpoints. Who are we to believe? As Information Governance professionals, what is our role in ensuring that the underlying data and documents used to justify reports and claims are authentic and not altered? ?

Our panelists Dr. Michal Kosinski (Stanford University), Stuart Myles (Associated Press), a member of the federal judiciary and an Information Governance expert will be led by Mark Diamond (Contoural) who will discuss and debate the issue of information authenticity. What they will discuss has implications for us not just as Information Governance professionals, but to the very fabric of our society as a whole.

1:00 PM- 2:00 PM

ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar KEYNOTE Q & A with Dr. Michal Kosinski

Presented by Michal Kosinski, PhD., Assistant Professor, Stanford University

2:30 PM- 3:30 PM

ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar Track 1: E-Discovery, Chicago Style

Presented by Kenneth Withers, Esq., Deputy Executive Director, The Sedona Conference

Chicago is famous for its unique approach to traditional “tomato pie.” And the federal courts in Chicago have a unique approach to eDiscovery, thanks to a blanket court order affecting the management of almost all civil litigation in the Northern District of Illinois, balanced by useful guidance from the “Seventh Circuit Council on eDiscovery and Digital Information,” which has no equivalent in any other jurisdiction. In short, eDiscovery in Chicago is deeper and thicker, but cooks a lot faster (with the danger of burning down the kitchen). In this presentation, eDiscovery veteran Ken?Withers?of The Sedona Conference will select some recent eDiscovery cases from here in the Northern District to demonstrate the basic principles. He will then look at a few high-profile cases from around the country and discuss how they might be treated differently in Chicago courts, and the lessons for Information Governance professionals.

ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar Track 2: Leveraging Information Value: From IG to Infonomics

Presented by Robert Smallwood, Managing Director, Institute for IG

In this presentation, attendees will learn fundamental Information Governance (IG) concepts and principles, and how IG programs form the foundation for maximizing information value by applying principles of Infonomics, including several use cases.

Attendees will:

  • Learn fundamentals of IG and Infonomics, and the link between them
  • Discover the characteristics of and uses for an Information Asset Register (IAR)
  • Understand how IG programs form the foundation for harvesting information value
  • Learn how Infonomics has been applied to monetize or leverage information assets


4:00 PM- 5:00 PM

ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar Track 1: CIO Preservation Playbook in the Age of Digital Transformation

Presented by Janice Clatterbuck, Senior Director, Executive Services, Info-Tech Research Group and Lori Ashley, Preservica

This case study features key insights of a Federal Reserve Bank Chief Information Officer (CIO) who built the business case and delivered a digital preservation solution for long-term governance and historical records in a complex and highly regulated environment. She will describe approaches used to successfully engage board members, identify and validate stakeholder requirements, prioritize critical long-term institutional records for preservation, analyze the technical landscape and evaluate commercial solutions, and deliver a multi-tenant digital preservation solution on time and on budget.

ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar Track 2: Policy by the Slice: Applying Governance Rule Sets to Content

Presented by Jennifer Crawford, CRM, Director, Product Management, Iron Mountain

We all likely have a retention schedule. We also have privacy obligations, and administrative requirements related to cross border data transfer, storage, and format. But how do we take those requirements and automatically apply them to our content where it resides? And how do we keep those governance rules evergreen?  The session will cover:

  • What are governance rule sets?
  • Challenges of applying retention rules/governance rules to individual record types across content in disparate repositories
  • Systems available on the market that play in a similar space (classification, federation, etc.) and how they differ from this idea
  • New thinking about delivering the “rules” of Information Governance beyond retention requirements by expanding into privacy and administrative governance rule sets, and then subscribing to only the rules you need.
  • Case Study for delivering micro rule sets to content via individual governance rule subscription.

We must modernize our thinking around how we apply governance rules to our information, setting aside the tired conundrum of figuring out how to impose a standalone retention schedule or privacy policy onto our scattered content.

5:30 PM– 6:30 PM
ARMA Chicago Chapter Spring Seminar Reception

ARMA Central Illinois- CRA Training Workshop, April 18

Do you want a boost in your career? Are you ready to take the next step in leading and enforcing your RIM program?

Please join us for the CRA (Certified Records Analyst) Workshop.

The ICRM (Institute of Certified Records Managers) is an international certifying body of and for professional records managers for more than 40 years. The organization and the credential remains a valuable part of the Records and Information Management (RIM) community; an expanding interdisciplinary, global and diverse constituency.

The Certified Records Analyst (CRA) provides a strong foundation of core skills and competencies for the RIM professional. It covers everything from general management principles, all aspects of recordkeeping from creation, management, control, storage and disposition, through in-depth areas of recordkeeping technologies.

Attaining the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) designation is based on educational background, professional work experience and successful completion of a three-part examination consisting of:



For more information or to register, please CLICK HERE