About Us

Welcome to ARMA Great Lakes!

Greetings! We are very happy to launch the new website for the Great Lakes Region of ARMA and all of our chapters. While we will use the site primarily to make announcements and serve as a “homepage” for the region, we encourage members to contribute chapter news and updates, share job announcements, promote events, and contribute posts on successful programs and initiatives in your chapters. We hope this site may serve as a central clearinghouse for current ARMA and region news, as well as a collaborative space for chapters and chapter leaders. This site is a work in progress, so please share your ideas on what type of content and features you would like to have available on the region’s website.

A huge thanks to Sarah Sherwood for her immense kindness and support in getting this site set-up. This would not have been possible without Sarah’s assistance.


Chris Wydman, Director, ARMA Great Lakes Region