Guest fees- chapter responses

We recently polled our chapter leaders about how they manage guest fees for their chapter meetings. Please find a summary of responses below.

  • “The Greater Columbus Chapters policy is first guest meeting is free. That being said do we check every guest to make sure that they didn’t attend a meeting some time last year .. no.”
  • “We actually charge a higher fee for guests as we feel one of the benefits of becoming a Chapter member is access to “cheaper” meetings/events.  If the goal is to grow membership, I don’t feel giving non-members free access to meetings/events makes much sense.  What enticement is there then to join the Chapter if you can come for free?”
  • “I TOTALLY agree Glen. There may be however, opportunities that we could explore to entice guests to come to meetings and later join.”
  • “That is the “golden ticket” that all chapters seem to struggle with.  We do however need to clearly define what the overall value proposition is for someone to join…not just a free or discounted ticket to a meeting.  To be honest we don’t really struggle with getting guests to attend our meetings, but obviously need to figure out ways to convert them…and that’s really where we need ARMA HQ’s assistance.”
  • “It depends on the kind of meeting we are having. Our WebEx or phone conference meetings are free to the guest.”
  • “My Chapter, North East Ohio has had 1st meeting free for guests, but not reoccurring.  We also have invited a member whose company no longer pays for her to attend to be a guest at one of our meetings.”
  • “In Greater Columbus, first time guests are free.  Then, we have a member cost of $20 and a non-member cost of $25 for meetings in order to cover some of the cost of meetings.”
  • “Cincinnati is first time guest is free and then meeting fees are $15 for members and $20 for non-members. “
  • “In Mid-Michigan, our first-time guests and students are free, but we only charge a $5 meeting fee whether they are members or not. Our tours are also free (unless the business charges). We decided on a $5 flat fee because it attractive to more guests, especially for those whose employers do not reimburse them. We rely on profits made from special workshops and our Spring Seminar to cover any costs we may have lost from meetings with low attendance. We are also toying with the idea of recording our meetings (live and webinar) and charging $5 for those who could not attend the meetings, but still request to receive the information.”
  • “I LIKE YOUR IDEA! Sometimes, traveling 1-2 hours for the presentation is tough for me in Holland.”
  • “Lexington Kentucky Chapter just has a standard of $ 20 dollars for non-members and $17members. “
  • “Central Illinois historically has had a fee of $25 or $30 fee for both Members/Non-members (depending on the venue); we just charge a fee to cover our meeting location costs and meals. However, we have recently changed our Web Platform to StarChapter and have heard of others that have benefited from a tad higher fee for Non-Members so we are increasing the meeting fee for Non-Members $10 this year; as an added member benefit.”

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